Yoga Mat
The Yoga/Pilates Mat offers a cushioned lightweight and durable workout surface that’s perfect for yoga, Pilates and stretching. Along with giving you a soft place to do your exercises, it also provides an insulating barrier between you and the cold floor. The Yoga/Pilates Mat features a slightly tacky, non-slip surface for added safety. It's also completely washable. Fold or roll the mat for use as a support booster for poses and for convenient storage.

Size: 24" x 68"
Yoga Kit
The Valeo Yoga Kit is the perfect accessory for yoga beginners or even intermediate yoga enthusiasts. Get started with your new yoga routine with a portable kit you can take with you to the gym, studio, or use in your own fitness area at home. The yoga kit includes a 24” x 68” sticky yoga mat, a 72” yoga strap to help you achieve better poses, 2 foam yoga blocks, a nylon tote bag with a shoulder strap and an instructional wall chart. Be a better yogi today with the Valeo Yoga Kit.
Yoga Block
Perfect for yoga and fitness classes

3" and 4" depths available
Pilates Ring
Increase muscle tone and strengthen target areas with a Body Sport Pilates Ring. The elasticity of this Ring allows you to add resistant to your Pilates routine and provides increased body response for target areas in both the upper and lower body. Designed with a spring steel structure and padded EVA foam handles, this Pilates Ring is lightweight and durable. Count on it to withstand the most rigorous of your workouts. The Pilates Ring is latex-free and has a diameter of 14”.
Yoga Sponge Ball
This soft, light, scented inflatable 9-inch ball adds energy and excitement to any mat-based exercise routine. Perfect for enhancing core muscle activation, body-rolling techniques and postural re-setting activities.
Yoga Strap
These cotton straps are great for participants of all levels. Available in six and eight-foot lengths with one-piece plastic "Cinch" buckles that hold securely and release easily.

6' or 8' available
Stretch Out Strap
The patented Stretch Out Strap features a multi-position grip system that delivers greater safety, control and effectiveness when you’re stretching your major muscle groups. Use the Stretch Out Strap to enjoy the benefits of PNF stretching and contract-relax techniques, even when your workout partner is unavailable. This strap features 10 grip areas, so you’ll never lack a place to grab hold.

74" length polypropylene; 10 grip areas
Includes an illustrated guide
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Yoga Block

Perfect for yoga and fitness classes 3" and 4" depths available