FUSE-0900 Chest Press
FUSE-1200 Seated Row
FUSE-0700 Shoulder Press
FUSE-1100 Lat Pulldown
FUSE-1000 Pec Fly & Rear Delt
FUSE-0600 Biceps Curl
FUSE-1500 Triceps Pushdown
FUSE-0800 Deltoid Raise
FUSE-1700 Rotary Torso
FUSE-1300 Low Back Extension
FUSE-1400 Abdominal
FUSE-0400 Inner/Outer Thigh
FUSE-0200 Seated Leg Curl
FUSE-1800 Horizontal Leg Curl
FUSE-0100 Leg Extension
FUSE-0300 Leg Press
FUSE-04000 Chin Dip

Livonia Location:

35539 Schoolcraft Road
Livonia MI 48150

Tel: 734.455.8790

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Hours: M - F 10 to 7

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Grand Rapids Commercial Presentation Center:

866 3 Mile Rd. NW

Lower Level South

Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Tel: 616.243.6900

Fax: 616.243.9550

Hours: By Appointment Only

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