Welcome to the residential equipment portion of our website and congratulations on taking this step towards attaining your fitness goal. Fitness Things is a specialty fitness store and you need to know what that means for you, the consumer. It means that we work with you on a personal level to determine what piece of equipment will serve you best. It means that we demonstrate to you how the equipment works. It means you can get on any piece of equipment and determine if it is the correct piece for you. And that’s not all. When it comes to warranties and service you will notice that our warranties are better. They are longer and more comprehensive. It also means that your warranty is supported by us, not outsourced, non-existent or falsely represented.


When you shop with Fitness Things you may not be familiar with all of the brands we carry. That’s because many of the brands we carry such as Bodyguard, Spirit and Tuff Stuff are exclusive to specialty fitness. They are built better with the intention of holding up longer and offering a better workout experience. These are products we have pursued and most have been carried by us for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of products and price points to meet most budgets. We don’t carry the cheapest equipment but we offer value that is hard to beat. Consider these statistics; 90% of the people who purchase exercise equipment do not use it and 10% of people purchasing exercise equipment for their home buy from specialty fitness stores. It’s called ironic. It’s also called commitment.


Fitness doesn’t begin and end with cardio and strength equipment. Many customers driving by our locations only see treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, gyms etc. and don’t realize that we have quite a selection of smaller fitness solutions. We have bands, balls, ankle weights, yoga mats and so much more. We want you to reach your goals. It’s as simple as that. No hard sells, no judgments, no nonsense. Just help. It’s what we do.


Cardio Equipment

Purchasing cardiovascular equipment is a very wise investment choice. In addition to strengthening your heart and lungs you will enjoy the added benefits of burning off unwanted calories and toning various muscle groups. Add to that the wonderful feature of exercising within the comfort of your own home. No dealing with the weather, darkness, car exhaust fumes, uneven pavement. The exposure to elements that can be hazardous to your health as opposed to benefiting it, are innumerable.


When choosing what type of equipment to purchase for your home you have several options available. Cardio equipment would refer to any one of the following product categories: treadmills, bikes (recumbent, upright and dual-action), ellipticals, stairclimbers, rowing machines, and a couple other miscellaneous products.


Strength Equipment

Fitness doesn’t start and end with a strong heart. What good is being able to run to catch a flight if you lack the strength to carry your carry-on? Fitness Things carries an impressive selection of home gym equipment. With everything from multi-station gyms to a simple bench with dumbbells, we can fit your needs.



So you’ve decided to explore treadmill options. There is much to recommend in using a treadmill. Through speed and elevation it can provide the user with any level of challenge they may require. It is simple to operate and the movement comes as natural to the user as possible. It is a weight bearing exercise, which is becoming an oft-repeated phrase by health professionals for the many benefits it offers.


When you invest in a treadmill that is adequate for your needs and properly cared for, that treadmill should last you through thousands of miles and years of use. We have customers who are still enjoying treadmills that were purchased from us in the mid ninety’s. A few of the treadmills we service are in excess of twenty years old and still going. Matching your requirements with a treadmill’s specifications is our first challenge. Finding the treadmill that most suits your wants and desires, is yours. To achieve that goal you will need to continue your search off-site and on your feet. Test drive all suitable products before you buy, after all, many of our customers spend more time daily on their treadmill than they do in their car.


Exercise Bikes

There are many reasons a person may choose to invest in an exercise bike as their preferred method of exercise. Exercise bikes have provided in-door exercise for over a century. They are space efficient, do not necessarily require electricity, need minimal service, provide a superior cardiovascular workout, are effective in weight loss and management, and are non-weight bearing. All in all, a very effective form of exercise and one of our most affordable cardio pieces. You may be looking into purchasing a bike for one or all of these many reasons. You may also be replacing your existing bike and you need to brush up on what’s available. Either way, be sure to visit one of our stores to complete your shopping experience.


In shopping for an exercise bike you need to bear in mind several options that are available to you. There are several types of exercise bikes. The Upright Cycle (or traditional bike) Recumbent Cycle (puts the user at a 90 degree angle with their feet directly in front of the seat) The Semi-recumbent Cycle (positions the pedals midway between the upright position and a fully recumbent position.) The Dual-action Bike (an upright bike with an upper body apparatus.) Each of these bikes challenges the user differently and will offer slightly different benefits. You will also need to assess whether you would like a bike that offers programs and if so, will you provide the energy to the upper board or would you like to plug it in. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. We have listed our current bike selection complete with picture and specifications. As with any form of exercise we recommend that you try it out before you purchase, as exercise is a very personal thing. To maintain your bike and extend your years of use and enjoyment Fitness things recommends that you use an anti-static mat under your bike. They are available at a minimal cost at our stores.



Ellipticals are a newer product to cardio fitness but have proven themselves to be a staple product in our industry. It has numerous health benefits including weight bearing and non-impact. Many companies provide an upper-body function as well to increase the challenge and involve additional muscle groups.


The term elliptical refers to the football shaped pattern inherent to this product. However, unlike a treadmill that has a user-defined pattern or a cycle, which has, an industry-defined pattern, the travel patterns of the ellipticals are unique to the manufacturer. In shopping for ellipticals you have choices between front drive, rear drive and most recently, center drive. Front drives have been the ‘front runners’ for a while due to space effectiveness and serviceability but the center drives have become very popular very fast. You may need to try out many different products before you find one that has a feel similar to what your natural stride is like.


Arc Trainers

Arc Trainers from Cybex are a true cross-training product. It offers both an upper and lower body workout with resistance on both the pedals and the handles. This allows the user to transfer the workload back and forth extending their workout time. It also offers a high enough resistance to cross over from aerobic to anaerobic. This feature has been tried and tested and the result is showing an increase of 15% in users squatting abilities. Other studies have shown that users of the Arc trainer are able to burn higher calories than ellipticals while their perceived exertion is less. That’s a win win in anyone’s book.


We invite you to visit one of our two Fitness Things retail locations or to purchase online. Either way, feel free to contact us to help you with your purchase.

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