Results: One Simple Mantra Helps Achieve Not-So-Simple Results

For many of us it starts early in life, "Let me sleep 5 more minutes Mom!"

The initial feelings of responsibility, no matter at age 5 or 75, can often feel like a blockade and we easily give in to the voices telling us to stop. Listening to this voice can obviously hinder our ability to pursue and/or accomplish our goals.

Through my experience as an ultra-marathon runner I have come to rely on a saying when the volume of these goal-crushing voices becomes overwhelming, "Talk to yourself, don't listen to yourself."

Training your self-talk to forge through the initial (and sometimes not-so initial) feelings of giving in is the resolute path toward accomplishment. Now, here is the part that really it again tomorrow! Consistency is King!

During my training, the most challenging steps often taken are the first, the beauty and reward that follows is unquestionable. Start by just showing up and don't stop showing up...without this step, success will forever stay a wishful goal.

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