11 Questions All New Customers Should Answer

When a new person walks through our doors, it can be a bit overwhelming. They've probably been bombarded with information before they even decide to start a search, and now they see new machines they might not even know existed.

That's absolutely fine; we're here to help! We have the experience and expertise to find the perfect unit for you. To do that though, we need to know 10 things about new customers.

1. What do you like?

Are you a runner or a biker? Prefer an elliptical over a cross trainer? The important thing to know is that having a preference is incredibly helpful, but having no idea just means you have more options!

2. Why do you like it?

Perhaps the low impact of the Arc keeps you off treadmills, or maybe you used to bike and you're looking to get back into it. The why behind the what is a crucial part of deciding which piece works best.

3. What are you currently doing?

Running or walking on a treadmill, or interval rowing all have their benefits. Once we know what you know, we might be able to find options that weren't previously considered!

4. What do you like about it?

More than just the action you're doing. Are there features of the unit you want to see in a new unit? Maybe the catches on your power cage are easy to adjust, or a built-in speaker system.

5. What do you dislike about it?

Just as in #4, maybe you love speakers, but all those programs make the unit difficult to just jump on and use. Knowing what you like and dislike helps determine your tastes and narrow down manufacturers and lines.

6. What are your physical limitations or medical issues?

This one's a doozy. Bad knees, weak ankles, or busted backs can all change our product decisions. If you or another user has a bad knee, maybe the treadmill might not be a great fit, but an elliptical might be perfect. It's most important to be 100% honest at this stage. A twinge today could be a tear tomorrow. Let us know so we can help you stay strong!

7. What are your goals?

Are you looking to drop weight, increase cardiovascular health, training for an event, or just exercising for general activity? Maybe you're just looking to pass time. When these get matched with the other questions, we can finally decide on the type of unit for you.

8. How often do you want to use it?

Now that we've determined the type of unit, we can narrow down the line. What we're really looking for is how much wear the unit is going to have to endure. If you're more of a walker, maybe a more entry-level line will fit you better. If you're a runner, maybe the premier line is the only unit that can keep up with you!

9. How many other users are there?

With a single user, the decision is easy. If you're shopping with a significant other or children in mind, things can get messy. Knowing their preferences beforehand is helpful, especially how frequently they may train and what their goals are.

10. What is reasonable for your application?

While it might seem appealing to have a full commercial beast of a treadmill in your basement, often times it's not the best choice. Things like drop ceilings can make ellipticals difficult, or a 600lb treadmill might not be the best choice in your 4th floor apartment. Before making any choices, consider your ideal location, wiring, or access.

11. How else can we help?

If someone only knows answers to 1, 2, and 7, that's totally fine! We work with you to find your best fit, even if it's not our product. There's an incredibly wide variety of equipment, and finding the perfect piece for your is like shoe shopping: we might need to try a few sizes before the best option presents itself.

Whether you have the answers to these questions or not, finding your perfect piece can be a hassle. Let us take some of the headache away from you.

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