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The Family That Started It All - The Walleys

Founders, owners, and parents extraordinaire; they grew this company from the ground up.  They came up with the concept in the early 80’s and after a little penny pinching their concept came to life in 1984.  The president and woman at the forefront is Elise.  Over the years, Elise has proven herself with her ability to connect with customers while using her experience in the industry to contribute to their health and well being.  Gary, the Vice President, historically has handled the commercial sales front.  He was one of the pioneers of corporate fitness in the industry in the implementation of the employee fitness center, which has now become our bread and butter.

Kristen comes from a sales and marketing background with a business degree and a long history in the family business (off and on since 1995).  This combination of education and passion for the industry and business has brought a second generation influence to Fitness Things.  Kristen enjoys spending time with her 4 children, dancing and listening to business books and then talking about them over cocktails.

Rachelle is Gary and Elise’s youngest daughter; she has been working with the company (off and on) for the better part of her life.  Her passion began with stickering/ and or stamping all of the brochures, and anything else within her reach.  In 1985 she moved into quality control within the company, thoroughly testing the durability of each piece of equipment that was on the floor.  This is where she found her knack in the industry.  Having established her background in breaking things, she moved from retail sales and began working as the service and delivery coordinator in 1999.  Upon moving to the Grand Rapids location in 2011, she has been handling operations as well as retail sales, and well, a little bit of everything.  

The Fitness Things Family

Conor has been with Fitness Things since 2000 and currently operates out of the Grand Rapids office. He enjoys days off with an ice cold IPA and his family, which currently consists of his wife, two kids (soon to be three), and six pets. His hobbies include fixing what his wife tells him to and searching in vain for a moment of silence. His perfect day is one with an abundance of grilled meat, family time, and warm weather. He's a pretty cool guy, even if he is from Illinois.

Eric Miles started working at Fitness Things in 1990. He’s since worked his way up to the head of the service department. At work, he has his hands full managing the techs, deliveries, and installations. At home, he has his hands full managing two kids, two small dogs (a puggle and a chihuahua), and a loving wife. He’s quite the family man, with his personal hero being his mom. In his (very little) spare time, Eric dabbles in photography.

Ryan started working with Fitness Things in 2015, but quickly showcased his natural talent and resourcefulness. When he's off the clock, he enjoys playing guitar, video games, and soccer, though not all at the same time. He has a passion for Detroit sports teams (being born and raised in Michigan helps) but he has a bigger passion for his wife and daughter. He's also quite philosophical, citing his personal hero as "anyone who has been successful and truly happy."

Rob wears a couple different hats around Fitness Things; sales coordinator, I.T., online marketing, social media manager, and 3D Designer. All these jobs mean Rob works with a lot of computers, which is fine, because he’s a total nerd. He loves talking about fitness, coming from a background of kinesiology, but will gladly talk your ear off when it comes to less work-related topics, like movies, games, or, his favorite, comics.

Linda joined the family in the summer of 2015. She enjoys all things Michigan including Downtown Detroit, camping, trips to the Upper Peninsula, and, of course, hockey. She spends her time with her husband, two children, two grandchildren, and her black lab. When she's not with family, she enjoys watching home improvement shows and house hunters. 

Shamoo is arguably the fuzziest of the Fitness Things Family. He started his career as Watchdog and has since been promoted to Mascot. His extensive background in sleeping, barking, and smelling stuff makes him an invaluable member of the team.  He enjoys walkies, treats, and casual rubbings, but doesn't enjoy being picked up.

Seriously, don't try to pick him up.

We would also like to say a big "thank you" to the spouses, kids, and significant others of Fitness Things. We appreciate your patience during the long days, early mornings, weekends, and emergencies. You give us something to work for, someone to celebrate in the good times, and commiserate in the not so good times. For that, we are grateful for your unwaivering support.

Livonia Location:

35539 Schoolcraft Road
Livonia MI 48150

Tel: 734.455.8790

Fax: 734.207.5149

Hours: M - F 10 to 7

Sat: 10 to 5

Sun: Closed


Grand Rapids Commercial Presentation Center:

866 3 Mile Rd. NW

Lower Level South

Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Tel: 616.243.6900

Fax: 616.243.9550

Hours: By Appointment Only

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