Reconditioned: High wear items are inspected and replaced if necessary. New belt and flipped decks for treadmills, new bearings, bushings and belts. Sanded and painted shrouds and frame. 1 year parts warranty

Service Tested: Machine tested in good shape. Cosmetically “as is.” Full unit inspection, unit 100% functioning as intended. 30 day parts warranty.


All Pro Exercise and Fitness Things have been friendly competitors for the good part of 30 years! We have joined forces to make your fitness journey a memorable and positive experience. Our staff has over a combined 200 years of experience! Our delivery department has handled over 2 million pounds of equipment each year….that’s over 60 million pounds. Lift that! Since our merger, in early 2017, we have fixed over 5,000 pieces of fitness equipment. We are doing our part in making the world a healthier place using fitness equipment as our primary tool.

The Pre-Owned Quality Assurance Process:

All-Pro Exercise, Inc. has been selling used equipment for over 25 years and reconditioning cardiovascular equipment for over 15 years. Our restoration process is quite unique for instead of an assembly line, a single technician is in complete control of your machine from start to finish. The only time it leaves his work station is to move on to the paint booth where your machine is professionally painted. From disassembly, cleaning, and analyzing electronics….to installing new moving parts, reassembly, and final supervised inspection….your machine is tested numerous times for the technician has intimate knowledge of your machine.  The initials of the person that crafted your machine are stamped into the serial number plate as a legacy.  We feel this process ensures a much higher-quality end product.