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In 1984 Fitness Things was started by Gary and Elise Walley. Elise an aspiring aerobics instructor and Gary a parts manager, decided to risk it all and start a company providing fitness apparel, residential fitness equipment and service. They opened their first location in Downtown Plymouth. Before they knew it, they were tossing out the leg warmers and leotards for treadmills, gyms, and rowers….lots of rowers. They soon discovered that the commercial fitness market was going to expand. Some of Fitness Things’ first customers were Ford Motor Company, Detroit Athletic Club and Wayne State. They are still customers today. Fitness Things’ pillars were/are quality equipment, service and solutions.

In 1989, All Pro Exercise was started by Dave Smith. Dave had a background in fitness and was an entrepreneur at heart. He saw an opportunity in the commercial fitness market and decided to take a chance. He would say it wasn’t a chance, because he’s Dave Smith and Dave Smith can do whatever he puts his mind to. And he did. He stood by a “best of breed” concept with excellent service.


Fitness Things and All Pro remained friendly competitors until around 2016 when Kristen (Gary and Elise’s daughter, managing partner and narrator of this story) contacted Dave to talk about joining forces. By December 2016, the deal had closed and Fitness Things and All Pro were one company.


2017 was a whirlwind! Combining forces and lines and cultures was challenging and fun. Fitness Things and All Pro consolidated buildings at a new location in Livonia in October 2017. By 2018, we thought we had it down.

Our teams were established and working well together.


In August of 2019, we lost Dave Smith to a rare blood disorder. He was our #1 salesperson

still at the time that he passed. He was able in the last couple of years to spend more time

on the golf course, with his family, and he loved to work and build relationships.

He will be missed and never forgotten.


Now we have decided to launch our new unified brand. Both companies come with

a story, rich history and long term relationships. We couldn’t choose one. We decided

to keep both. As you look at our new logo you will see A for All Pro and F for Fitness

Things. The colors come together in the center blending. The running man is from All Pro’s

original logo. The pulse is from Fitness Things.







We design/consult. We sell fitness equipment, flooring, and accessories. We service and maintain fitness equipment. We do this because it is our vision to improve lives using fitness equipment as our primary tool. We practice our core values of: Knowledge and Experience, Trust and Respect, Entrepreneurial and Challenge for Impact in the 3 pillars of the business.


Be a part of our story by visiting us. Tell us about your experience. Join us in improving your own life through exercise.