When we say Fitness Things is the single source solution, we back it up at every opportunity. We are proven pioneers in fitness center design and consultation, commercial and university implementation, residential outfitting, and specialty products. Attention to detail, years of experience, and commitment to quality have helped develop our confidence knowing we will be a great fit for your next project.

Who We Are. What We Do.

Our Mission: Supply quality products, service and solutions applying 30 years of experience and knowledge.


If you represent or even work at a corporation, university, or multifamily business, you are at the right place. We have worked with some of the biggest names in Detroit, so we know we can handle whatever you throw at us; from simple upgrades, small fitness centers, or even a whole fleet of cardio equipment, we know we can meet or exceed your needs.


When you shop with Fitness Things you may not be familiar with all of the brands we carry. That’s because many of the brands we carry such as Spirit and Tuff Stuff are exclusive to specialty fitness. They are built better with the intention of holding up longer and offering a better workout experience. We offer a wide range of products and price points to meet most budgets. We don’t set out to carry the most inexpensive equipment, what we offer is overall value that is hard to beat.

We offer a variety of service options. Not only do we offer Residential and Commerical diagnostics and repairs, we have options for corporate Preventative Maintenance programs. If it has been determined a machine is damaged or needs repairs, we provide a quote, schedule an appointment, order parts, then send a skilled and experienced technician to handle the problem. For questions or requests, click here


Fitness Things is proud to actively implement some of the most advanced technology to design and consultation. We are able to create 3d designs and provide video walkthroughs. Please contact us with any inquiries - be ready to be "wowed."


"I have purchased over $95,000 of fitness equipment for my gym and I have learned some painful lessons. Fitness Things has always provided great service with great products. I have "shopped around" and used many other vendors, which has always been a big mistake! Those other vendors have delivered products in pieces with total assembly required, delivered 800 pound pieces of equipment on a truck without a lift-gate and no way to unload it, delivered the wrong equipment, and one vendor who delivered six months late. Learn from my mistakes: start with Fitness Things, and stay with Fitness Things. It will save you a lot of headache. They deliver great products on time, every time, with great service, and their delivery guys do a great job!


John Alfred Carr

At the DAC, our members expect the best customer service.  I am at ease knowing our products come from Fitness Things.  The Fitness Things staff knows this too and swear by their products.  I have 100% trust in Fitness Things or I would be using one of the other 50 vendors across the country trying to gain our business.  I would also like to add , although used sparingly, their maintenance tech is very knowledgeable and reliable.  The longer it takes for a piece of equipment to get fixed, the more angry our members get.  He knows this and gets the job done correctly and ASAP.  


Tony Stanza

Fitness Director @ Detroit Athletic Club